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The Use of the Debit Card Account

What is Debit Card?

A bank card is widely used in online gambling alongside with virtual shopping. It is alternative payment option to credit cards, e-wallets, wire transfers and real money. Money is transferred directly from existing balance or savings account. Debit card account is designed as alternative mean to pay for various online goods and services that virtual vendors are actively promoting on the online market. Debit cards are very popular and are broadly used by customers thus replacing checks and in even cash transactions in some cases.

The Role of Debit Cards in the Cyberspace

According to recent virtual surveys check cards are well-known among virtual gamblers from different countries. Enormous variety of online casino websites are offering debit cards providers among the list of their casino banking options trying to keep abreast of the times and satisfy all arising demands of existing and potential clients. Occupying steady positions in the World Wide Web bank debit card account is becoming crucially important in virtual gambling: gamers who are willing to continue playing are to debit their accounts and enjoy further playing different types of hazard adventures.

Welcome to Debit Card Operations!

When choosing certain casino game it is essentially necessary to check the variety of banking options. If you are willing to use your debit card account learn available alternatives of bank card exploitation systems:

  • Prepaid debit cards are also known as reloadable prepaid debit cards and are commonly used for periodic payments. Among the leading providers in this field one may name the following: Escape prepaid cards, Caxton FX prepaid cards, Transcash prepaid cards, and Travelex prepaid cards.
  • Online debit system implies automated approval for every transaction made. Unique personal identification number or PIN secures necessary financial details. In general, online debit card system is commonly recognized as superior to the offline debit card system as far as its authentication system provides higher security level and status line that excludes possible transaction lags. The best providers here are: POLi, Ideal, EzyPay and PaySmart.
  • Offline debit systems are generally used in different checkouts. Your balance will be renewed in two or three days after a bargain was concluded. On the typical offline debit card one will find logotypes of main credit/debit cards (such as: Maestro, MasterCard or Visa)
  • Electronic purse card system is very popular payment option in Europe and some other developed countries. The most popular smart-card digital purse systems operators are: Chipknip (the Netherlands), CASH (Switzerland), Geldkarte (German), Proton (Belgium), Quick (Austria), Moneo (France).


Unlike various types of credit cards and other payment options debit card account may be obtained by clients who are not credit worthy and have no opportunities to get charge cards but have a desire to arrange plastic transactions. Another advantage of debit cards is that they are accepted by numerous services and goods providers with less recognition and close examination than pay cheques alongside with making financial transactions much quicker and less meddlesome. And once again: choose online casino providers that offer the most famous banking service providers as far as "whatever is popular deserves attention" (Mackintosh).

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