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Meet the Blackjack Bonus!

Double Mix of Gaming and Benefits

We already getting used to the fact that most virtual and land-based betting houses offer large sign up bonuses for various games. And blackjack is not an exception. This game is very popular among players from different countries and nationalities. What could be more pleasant than getting additional bonuses while playing your favorite game? Nothing can be compared with the excitement of relying on Lady Luck and happy news that come with additional bonuses you have not even expected.

Why Casinos Offer Blackjack Bonuses?

Remember that the rules that regulate blackjack game alternatives in various casinos may alter in accordance to laws and regulations of the country and particular casino policy. Online casinos usually illustrate this policy and basic blackjack rules on own websites (for instance, in casino banking session or on the main page). And in land-based betting houses rules are as a rule printed on or near the card table. In some "brick and mortar" casinos these rules are provided by staff upon request of guests.

Note: A lot of casinos provide optional side bets at typical blackjack card tables that result to higher payouts For example "Royal Match" suggests that a gambler is rewarded if first two cards that he gets from dealer are in the same suit. Another popular alternative of side-bet is "21+3" it describes the situation when gamer's two cards and the dealer's up card amount to a three-card poker hand.

Casinos use special blackjack bonuses and add-ons in order to attract more fans of this game to their websites or to offline casinos. And gamblers are not against them but vice versa are even happier with their bonuses. Get closer acquainted with blackjack related games and some bonuses offered:

  • Pontoon is an English blackjack version. Rules and tactic in this game is different from original blackjack
  • Spanish 21 is another blackjack alternative owned by gaming enterprise located in Colorado State.
  • "Two card game" is characterized by increased house edge.
  • Double Attack Blackjack is primarily played in Atlantic City betting houses. This game as a rule provides special bonus: proposition bet is a stake made on result or a proposition. Professional players are quite skeptic about bets of such kind because the house edge on them is much higher than the player's edge on the usual gaming session.
  • Blackjack Switch game basically allows side bet, known as Super Match that benefits pairs: four-of-a-kind; three-of-a-kind; and two-pairs among the four initial cards.
  • In France and German blackjack is known as "Vingt-et-un" or "Twenty-one" and "Siebzehn und Vier" or "seventeen and four".
  • Chinese blackjack is also known as 21-point/ban-luck.

Note: Casino history has seen more than 100 documented blackjack variations.

Although it is crucially important to emphasize that as a rule betting houses' bonuses don't cover such games like blackjack implying that cashable bonuses and any resulting from it winnings cannot be claimed. Thus if you struggle for blackjack bonuses we strongly recommend you to browse the website of the casino web site you are playing at and check offered bonus banners, casino banking requirements and blackjack add-ons.

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