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ACH is a Way to Pay in Virtual Gaming

ACH Online Casino Payment Method

Automated Clearing House is a virtual financial system that allows players to transfer currency directly from their savings account to internet betting house account. Rarely newcomer who was involved into the virtual gambling world is familiarized with ACH system. Only privileged few know about the opportunity to load funds to your account at internet gambling houses and table games rooms. Why does it happen? The answer is evident: ACH is a virtual check clearing system and we are used to submit paper checks instead.

ACH is the easiest option to use in online gaming: it is very easy to write down a virtual check and after getting your credit continue playing you favorite hazard adventure whether it would be baccarat, blackjack, slots or poker. Actually you do not even have to make out a check - everything you have to do is to take a deep breath and fill down the simplest online form. By the way in order to use ACH services you don't have to be the credit card holder.

Transactions settled with the help of Automated Clearing House are free of charge although in some cases there may be little fee at some internet betting houses.

Note: Many MicroGaming gambling establishments suggest services of Automated Clearing House.

How to Proceed?

All casino transfers are made with the participation of the third party: UseMyBank, ECheck, Citadel or InstaDebit. The cash is charged from the check or current bank account with the help of the Federal Reserve Banking System. Therefore as you may see operations with cash are very secure and reliable. You can start playing online casino game as soon as you have paid with ACH.

Note: Working with ACH may take up to 8 business days for you to be credited.

So what exactly is needed to move finances with ACH? Follow our banking guide and specify the following information to your online casino:

  • Your address and name
  • The sum of money you are willing to deposit
  • The number of your bank account
  • Your check number and
  • ABA routing number

Note: ACH system is commonly used for getting withdrawals. You can heave a sigh of relief and enjoy playing your favorite game without any additional pressure that may come when you load your casino account with credit card and can easily find out later that you have spent more than was expected.

And at last Automated Clearing House is available in the US and Canada. You are advised to check the ACH status and possible new regulations before start using it due to possible changes and variations.

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