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Seize the Opportunity: Use Neteller!

Neteller Payment Option

For gamblers outside the America Neteller provides a variety of opportunities of digital wallet that facilitates financial transactions between player's account and online casino or virtual table games room. The head office of Neteller is situated in the United Kingdom and another center is on the Isle of Man that is a mecca for the whole virtual gambling industry.

Neteller is a very popular banking brand and a number of online betting houses use it together with other best alternative casino banking options. It is known as well-experienced provider that is sophisticated in online monetary gaming-related transactions. By the same token Neteller is also known as a good alternative to PayPal among American gamers that are deprived of using Neteller system.


  • Free
  • Trustworthy and qualified
  • Privacy policy
  • Evaluated customer bonus system
  • Immediate funding and prompt withdrawals
  • Easy to use


  • Online payment method is not available for the residents of the United States
  • When pre-paid card is used at automatic teller machines 4$ fee is charged

Neteller Operation Principle

In order to work with Neteller you need to follow our banking guide and fulfill the following 3 steps opening the Neteller account:

  • Give account data
  • Register on the web site: submit your personal information
  • Deposit your new account

After you have loaded your Neteller account you may use it in the role of your best friend that helps you to perform all kind of possible financial transactions including debiting virtual casino account and withdrawing the winnings from it.

Deposits are registered instantly if they are loaded with the help of the credit/debit card, the fee amounts to 1, 75%.

Depending on the certain banking method that you've chosen, Neteller's services may take up to 3-4 working days. Once the money has reached your account you are free to spread your wings and rush to log in to the favorite gambling web page.

It is necessary to underline that Neteller could be funded through the bank deposits, cash, Visa, InstaCash, debit cards and EFT.

Honesty is the Best Policy

Neteller electronic wallet system has gained great popularity among players from different countries and regions of the world due to the high security measures. It ensures safe and reliable cash flows between the user's and the bank's accounts. All the information is professionally protected and is not to be sold or transferred to third parties.

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