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Online Casino Friendly: EcoCard

EcoCard and its Role in Online Gaming

EcoCard is European provider that is focused on substitute payment solutions. It promotes safe alternative to credit cards and excellent security platform for all clients including online players.

EcoCard can offer its customers the following funding options:

  • Western Union transfer
  • Cash depositing
  • Wire transfers/ bank transfers

Therefore when players make a choice from a range of possibilities casino banking options and pick up EcoCard they are linked to an electronic account.

So what currencies does EcoCard support? EcoCard is actively used by customers from different countries as it provides an opportunity to deposit from their own countries in their local currency. It is multinational provider which works with Euro, America dollar, Canadian dollar, Australian dollar and many more.

Take Everything out of EcoCard

When choosing the banking online provider people usually pay careful attention to the brand name, security prospects and terms of proceeding financial transactions. EcoCard account is very simple to work with thus in case you have chosen this provider for debiting online casino account and continue playing just listen to our banking guide and make the steps as underlined below:

  • Download EcoCard website and fill the sigh up work sheet with your name, password, address and certain financial details that are displayed on your screen.
  • Await the data about your identification number and EcoCard account number. Customer support service will e-mail them to you in a while.
  • Use the received information that was e-mailed to you and log in to the server thus activating your EcoCard account.
  • In order to fund cash into online gambling you need to simply connect toy your EcoCard account and enter the desired amount.

The list of EcoCard advantages is getting even wider:

  • Some gamblers are pleasantly surprised that yearly fee and even any listing fee are not required.
  • More to say EcoCard Ltd. guarantees quick and easier payouts for players.
  • Other benefit that should be mentioned is that all possible services presented by EcoCard Ltd. are free except the small sum that is charged on withdrawals.
  • Secrecy and trustworthiness are the major keystones of EcoCard banking in the Web.
  • And, of course, real-time balance data is displayed on your screen whenever you need it and moreover you are allowed to see all the information regarding all made transactions and manage your cash flows when needed.
  • Many virtual gambling houses offer special bonuses to EcoCard owners thus making online adventures even more adventurous.

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