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Moneybookers system is an additional payment option that is used by gamblers worldwide with the intention to fund their virtual accounts and withdraw winnings with the help of their e-mail addresses. Using their private e-mails users seize the opportunity to send the money from bank account (in the form of paper cheques or bank wire transfer) or credit card.

The head office of Moneybookers is situated in London, UK. The number of its clients is rolled over one million account owners. Moneybookers platform is based on e-mail addresses and allows sending / receiving money or transferring funds to and from your savings account in the bank. You can also enjoy online shopping through Moneybookers and make no efforts and paying for whatever you purchase without the necessity to open up any details of credit card information. And it is common knowledge that anonymity is the best friend of those who play poker or blackjack on a regular basis because a feeling of confidence and trustworthiness is a keystone factor locking the whole gambling together.

Note: Pay close attention that there are some limits with using the Moneybookers account: Players from China, Malaysia, Israel, Turkey and the United States cannot use Moneybookers to transfer currency to online gambling web sites.

How It Works?

Moneybookers electronic wallet is trustworthy, prompt, safe, professional and reliable. It is unnecessary to have a credit card to open Moneybookers account. And it is totally free! Moneybookers account is very simple in practice if you know the e-mail of the recipient therefore how simple it would be to deposit online gaming!

As a rule Moneybookers account is loaded by bank transfer coming from the savings account. Nevertheless it is also possible to move cash to Moneybookers electronic wallet with the help of MasterCard, Visa, Diners Club and AMEX. The amount that is charged for this procedure is quite low and comes up to 1 percent with a maximum of fifty euros. Moreover you don't have to pay when receiving the money through the system.

Few Words About Security

Question about security disturbs every player because before choosing particular online casino web site it is necessary to weight up all the pros and cons of offered payment options. Moneybookers system possess high level security as per the utilization of the SSL (Secure Socket Layer), the up-to-date modern encryption trend that protects personal data and account information from potential "raiders" and hackers.

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