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EuroCard in Gambling: The Main Point

What About EuroCard?

Making deposits and withdrawing funds is an essential part of online gambling process. Finances should be managed in accurate and reliable way that will lead to enforcement of customers trust and respect.

EuroCard is a speedy and efficient way to deposit funds into your virtual gambling account. This service is cosmopolitan and available to World Wide Web gamblers from different countries. EuroCard support does everything possible to make gamers do quick and trustworthy payments. A lot of players set their choice exactly on this funding method due to the brand name and good standing among other online payment alternatives.

EuroCard operates under the patronage of the MasterCard global family and fulfills the range of banking functions. The number of EuroCard users is growing yearly: they are ready to use their cards in about 220 countries and in large amount of cash automats (according to recent overviews the amount of currency machines is about 900.000) all over the world.

EuroCard brand was always popular in in Central European countries such as Austria, Germany and the Netherlands.

EuroCard: Pros and Cons


  • Prompt and trustworthy deposits/withdrawals
  • Available on the international level
  • Small fees
  • Is listed among the best professional banking providers


  • Settled limits for deposits
  • In few cases transactions with online casinos may be denied by some credit firms (particularly in America)

Looking Back to the History

Originally EuroCard International was founded in 1965 in Brussels as non-profit union of European banks. Later on in 1968 it created an alliance with MasterCard (1968). That step allowed new opportunities and world-wide popularity for EuroCard.

In 1992 large merger took place. EuroCard International and Eurocheque International joint into Europay International and the head office was moved to Belgium (Waterloo).

In 2002 MasterCard International and Europay International have merged into Maestro International. Later on organization's name was changed to MasterCard Worldwide.

Note: Although the EuroCard logotype is no longer applied now its name always remains associated with MasterCard and what is more: gamers may use this card in all virtual gambling establishments and poker rooms which display MasterCard logo among the variety of another online payment options. However, utilization of EuroCard as a brand for MasterCard charge cards is restricted in Switzerland, the Baltic countries and Scandinavia. In other previous EuroCard niches such as, for example, German speaking countries this brand was totally replaced by the MasterCard brand.

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