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7 Poker Tips to Boost Your Gameplay

Do you want to become a better poker player? Well, no one can say no to this question, especially with the high winnings this gambling activity can bring. So, whether you’re a beginner or expert, make sure that you go over the following seven tips to boost your gameplay.


Tip #1) Drinking Kills; Not Just You, but Your Poker Game Too

This is the oldest story in poker town; people get drunk, lose focus and end up denting their finances. In fact, you must have witnessed aggressive and emotional players on your table after they had empty done glass after other and eventually their chip rack. While it is true that a glass or two helps you relax a bit, you may be better off saying “No” to drinks while playing poker.


Tip #2) Don’t End Up Fluffing While Bluffing

Bluffing is one of the greatest charms of playing poker. Every poker newbie aspires to bluff as soon as they start playing, but there’s a catch: bluffing is not a part of poker; it’s just a trick which should only be used when necessary. So, don’t fall for the myth that states that trying a poker bluff is compulsory for winning a game or else you’ll be losing tons of games, with bonus codes offered by online casinos you can always get more.


Tip #3) Don’t Play Poker When Emotionally Down

Whether you fought with your girlfriend, miss your dad who died last year or had a poor work day, playing poker while you’re emotionally down won’t do you any good. Aside from not being able to provide you with the emotional relief you need, playing poker with a busy mind and troubled soul is a surefire way of losing your money, especially if you’re playing against professionals who can read your body language as easily as a book.


Tip #4) Don’t Stretch a Game for the Wrong Reasons

It is human nature to focus on extending a game until big wins come your way, especially after putting a substantial amount of money in the pot. True, patience can be rewarding, but poker players should overcome their greed and not elongate a game unless they’re sure of winning. Besides, a golden rule of gambling is to never consider your betted money as your own. Abiding by this will reduce the pressure you have burdened yourself with and help you make balanced decisions.


Tip #5) Don’t Try Your Luck

Knowing your limits is a good thing, but knowing the limit of your luck is even better. Usually when a player is winning in at $2/4, they may decide to move up to $5/10 and then consequently their luck fails and they set new records in losing a poker game. So, go with the flow; if $2/4 is bringing you money, don’t get carried away.


Tip #6) Knowing Your Level is Important

Again, if you are doing well in a $2/4 game, this doesn’t mean that the $5/10 experience will be good for you. However, this time luck has nothing to do with this; it’s your own skills. A lower level game requires different kinds of skills than a higher level game. If you venture into a higher standard just because you’re doing well at a lower level, then you’re bound to fall hard.


Tip #7) Observers Always Win Matches

You don’t have to be a professional face reader to read the faces of your fellow players. Always try to get hints from their body language and expressions. This will help you understand their positions in the game and strategize your move.

With the bill for online poker being pushed by regulators, you can’t afford to lag behind the rest. So, remember these tips to improve your game and earn big.


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